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What are the types of wire drawing dies and where are they used?

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Drawing dies are widely used in high-precision wires in electronic devices, radar, television, instruments, aerospace and other industries, as well as drawing dies in tungsten wires, molybdenum wires, stainless steel wires and other industries. Secondly, electric wires and cables and various alloy wires are drawn by diamond wire drawing die.

The working principle of wire drawing die is that the metal wire is thinned from coarse to fine, and gradually reaches the required size. This special die is a wire drawing die. Die-drawing seals are usually made of natural diamond and artificial diamond (artificial diamond includes ge, pcd, synthetic materials, etc.). Copper wire drawing die belongs to soft wire drawing die. There are also hard wire drawing dies, such as tungsten wire drawing. The angle of compression zone of copper wire drawing die is generally 16-18 degrees, and the fixed length is 30-40%, while that of tungsten wire drawing die is relatively small, generally 12-14 degrees, and the fixed length is 60-70%.

Diamond wire drawing dies are made of natural diamond, so they are equipped with diamond wire drawing dies. Strong wear resistance and long service life. The production process of wire drawing insert includes pressing, wire drawing and turning.

Drawing dies include special drawing dies, cemented carbide drawing dies, polycrystalline drawing dies, etc. Welcome to add more content.

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