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How to prolong the service life of wire drawing die

date issued:2022-07-15 number of visits:0

Carbide wire drawing die is an important die for producing metal wire, and its quality directly affects the quality of wire, the loss of die and the economic benefit of product production.

In the quality of wire drawing die, besides the material of the die core, the verticality between the center of the die hole and the outlet end of the die, the pass structure of the die hole is an extremely critical factor affecting the quality of wire drawing die. The die structure and the size of each part are the key parameters of the die quality. If the die structure does not meet the design requirements, it will seriously affect the life of the die and the drawing speed of the wire drawing machine. This requires that in the production process of molds, producers should master these parameters in time, so as to make necessary grinding corrections and improve product quality.

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